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Steve Donohue -
Steve is the chief cook and bottle washer for the WCU. Think of him as Hagrid only without the cool.
Jeff Rand -
Professor Emeritus - Professor Rand has spent several weeks camping in temperatures below 20 degrees. Oddly, his most extensive experience with 13 consecutive days with readings below this mark, occurred in June. Rand describes his most wintry day as having a high temperature of -8 degrees and a low of -21, with winds of 60 miles per hour.
Mark--> Bollman -
Roger Horn -
Assistant Professor of Sanitation - Professor Horn has extensive experience all over the continent using low impact sanitation methods. An experienced skier, Horn is well aquatinted with cold weather activities. In addition, he provides extensive knowledge of whitewater canoeing and near-death experiences.
Ethan Rein -
Dean of Winter Camping - Professor Rein was a member of the first class to earn a degree in Winter Camping in 2003. Since then he has been the leader in spending nights outdoors during Winter Camp. Although he has spent many nights inside a tent, he has camped under the stars, inside a quinzee that he constructed, and on the ice surface covering Beaver Lake.
Keith King -
Doug Wilson -
Alan Wilson -
Adam Haubenstricker -
Mike Osvath -
Gabe Church -

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