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College of Historical Studies: Red Border

Dean: Mark--> Bollman

Professor: Doug Wilson

Tertificate Program

Results: Completion of the requirements will demonstrate the student's knowledge of the history of Winter Camp and his committment to ensure that more of it is made.

Pride In Our Past

  1. Before completing any other requirements, complete requirements 3a and 3c for the Winter Camp Participation Award.
  2. Complete the course HIS 101: Introduction to Winter Camp History, including a written final examination.

Faith In Our Present

  1. While at Winter Camp, research and prepare an article for publication in the Winter Camp News Back In The Day column on a significant event, meal, or person from Winter Camp history. Your proposal must be approved in advance by the Dean of the CHS or your HIS 101 instructor.
  2. While at Winter Camp, participate in the Time Capsule events, including the hike to the CHR Memorial Site. (Credit may not be earned for time capsule activities prior to enrollment in the CHS.)

Foundation For The Future

  1. While at Winter Camp, select a new meal or activity (formal or informal) and prepare an article suitable for publication in Encyclopedia WinterCampica. Your proposal must be approved in advance by the Dean of the CHS or your HIS 101 instructor.


Basic History TestWeb-basedThis is an online version of the Basic History test as required by the College of Historical Studies.


2005Dave OakleyTertified Historical Expert
2005Ethan ReinTertified Historical Expert
2005Steve DonohueTertified Historical Expert
2007Will GagnonTertified Historical Expert

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