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Our live facility is located in a sprawling complex at D-A in Metamora, Mi. There are three main buildings and numerous outbuildings and outdoor study areas. The campus is located in the middle of a 1400 acre camp.


Beaver Creek is the headquarters and administrative center for the campus. it boasts office space and shared computing resources. It is centrally located and provides its own kitchen and trading post. It also doubles as a dormitory for as many as 25 students.

Clearwater has long been a center for progressive study and for development of alternative education. It also offers a kitchen and a dizzying array of snack and entertainment choices.

High Point is just a short bus ride away from the main buildings. It is intended primarily for non-traditional students and offers the most advance computing center on campus. Like Clearwater, it can accomodate 12 students.

Learning Centers

Brookside is the learning center for the College of Winter Camping. Set amidst towering trees and with a nearby brook, it is the most scenic learning center one could hope for and still be able to see the road.

CHR Memorial is a site of great historical significance. While it is not as widely used as a learning center as it once was, the site remains popular with traditional students.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is relatively new to the WCU and we haven't put the finishing touches on our program yet. Once we do, we'll provide information to both students and alumni.

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