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About Us

Winter Camp University is an alliance of Colleges and fields of study created with two goals. The first is to improve the daily lives of Winter Campers by providing them with uniques educational programs. The second is to improve Winter Camp by providing an ever-widening circle of talented resources for conducing events.

Within the University, there are several specific colleges:

College of Engineering
This school focuses on practical examples of real world skills. It is aimed at applying engineering and innovation to make Winter Camp better.

College of Historical Studies
The College of Historical Studies has only recently joined the other university programs. Although we've had a history department for nearly twenty years, they only recently became a degree granting institution.

College of Winter Camping
The college of Winter Camping was founded in 2002.

Rand Institute of Leadership
The Rand Institute of Leadership was established in 2002. It's mission is to ensure the next generation of leaders know which poles will amke a good x.

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