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ETH101: Introduction to Winter Camp Ethics
Students are taught sound principles for disagreement based on logical arguments.
HIS101: Introduction to Winter Camp History
Explores the basics of Winter Camp history as a foundation for the future.
LAN101: Winter Camp Language and Composition
Students will gain an understanding of and an appreciation for some of the great written works of Winter Camp.
RIL101: Basic Event Planning
Students are given the basic knowledge to successfully plan and execute an event.
SCI101: Introduction to Winter Camp Science and Math
A basic survey of a broad range of Winter Camp topics related to the physical sciences.
WCS101: Introduction to Winter Camping
Students are given theoretical knowledge to prepare them for a winter camping excursion including one or more nights outside.
WCS201: Winter Camping Survival Techniques
An advanced level class for students who have taken WCS101 and would like to expand their knowledge.

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